Sound taxi

A project by Lisa Talia Moretti

The world through a speaker


We live in a culture that is obsessed with visual media. 'Silent' has become the default setting on all videos that play on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We watch, we swipe, we stare. We prefer our friends to text us over calling us. And our phones are ever a distraction to look at something. As someone who loves radio, podcasts and listening intently to the lyrics of my favourite songs, I'm deeply concerned that we're losing our ability to actively listen. In a world surrounded by screens, we're becoming ever distracted by their display.

Sound Taxi is an experiment/art project, perhaps even a physical manifestation of hope, to try and get people to listen. To really listen. As the ultimate challenge, I'm doing this through the lens of travel - an industry that relies heavily on using visual media to tell its story to potential travellers. Can I recreate the same desire and the same level of dreaming to travel somewhere new using only sound? 

Is it possible to create intimacy and curiosity through sound?


Recording Equipment > iPhone XR (previously iPhone 6S), Planet Earth